Basically casino slots are genious mechanical games. Not an online casino slot but a real one works as there are gears inside and stopping rubed stones and some smaller piece of machine parts. Ofcourse these are all in traditional offline casino slots. As time passed by many changes in casino section changed and as we get older machines takes the control. Even computers now include huge casino resorts inside.

Every casino player would like to know how to play casino slots. Its easy part of paying the money but the hard thing is managing the amount of bet you put in a casino machine. You want to know if you are cheated or not? Offline and online casino slots differ in this way, online casino slots could be played anywhere any time, it does not matter if you are at home or office you can play casino slots from all over the world even if you are a US casino player.

RNG(Random Number Generator) defines if you are lucky or not that time, cause the slot machines are programed to payout about 97%(online casino slots) it differs for offline tilt machines much more less, compared to online slots its about 75 percent.

If you are playin on a casino slots machine, lets say 97% payout percentage for 10 years at least, the machine will pay you  $970 for every $1000 you bet totally in this amount of years.  What about jackpots in a casino slot machine? Jackpot amounts are allready met the requirements to give out the total amount of the jackpot. It depends on the RNG if the jackpot will find its winner in the first bet or first week… One of the biggest jackpots in Europe Mega millions won last year just 1 week after it has been announced by one of the best casinos.